Focus Areas

Financial Services

CAMAC’s foray into the financial services sector began over 15 years ago, when the group’s principals became the majority shareholder of the only nationally-chartered African-American owned bank in the State of Texas. As we grow the platform, we are always interested in complementary partnerships and digital innovation that can further our mission of providing the highest quality financial services and economic empowerment to our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Tech & Venture Capital

CAMAC was founded by entrepreneurs and has maintained that same entrepreneurial spirit for over 35 years. We believe technology is essential to our future and CAMAC is keen on backing the next generation of entrepreneurs building innovative and disruptive companies globally, agnostic to sector. Whether via direct investment or venture capital funds in which we are LPs, CAMAC will continue to serve as a founder friendly, value add, strategic investor as our portfolio companies look to impact the world.


While CAMAC’s experience covers the entire value chain, from exploration and production to transport to commodities trading, our primary interest in energy is looking beyond the past and building for the future. We are actively engaged in and seeking additional opportunities to develop sustainable sources of energy that can responsibly power the world long term.


CAMAC’s roots are grounded in trading and have consistently involved cross border commerce and global logistics. CAMAC is passionate about tackling the challenges that the world faces from a logistical standpoint, as evidenced by the principals’ experience serving on behalf of the Port of Houston Authority and Houston Airport System. We seek opportunities to create efficiencies and be a problem solver in an otherwise complex and fragmented space.

Real Estate

CAMAC has opportunistically invested in the commercial and residential real estate sectors. In the past, we have acquired and managed assets across the office, multifamily and retail spaces, as well as owned assets in the self-storage sub-sector. Going forward, CAMAC seeks to partner with experienced operators to acquire and manage stabilized assets agnostic to sub-sector.