Energized to Power the World

Social Responsibility

CAMAC recognizes that there can be no true global economic progress without a sincere and sustained commitment to protecting and valuing people worldwide.  As such, the company’s social investment policy considers issues related to:  furthering economic stability and growth; academic enrichment; cultural arts appreciation; and improvement of quality of life in all communities in which we operate.

Since CAMAC’s founding in 1986, the company has contributed funding for scholarships, endowments, internships, arts education and programming in the United States, Nigeria and South Africa.

CAMAC Foundation

Established in 2011, the CAMAC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that will carry-on the philanthropic tradition of the CAMAC group of companies.

As we invest in communities, we pursue projects with strategic goals that are aligned with global and social priorities as well as our business strengths.  We seek to have a meaningful impact by focusing the majority of our spending on challenges in the regions where we operate.

The CAMAC Foundation was established to uplift lives and empower communities by providing greater avenues for achievement, independence and prosperity. This philosophy is deeply rooted in a holistic view toward building partnerships, being value-added and embracing a culture of excellence.

The CAMAC Foundation supports programs targeted to health, education and cultural arts.

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The Lawal Center for Global Trade – Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas

In January 2009, CAMAC established a $1 million endowment to Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. Presented in honor of Dr. Kase Lawal, an alumnus of Texas Southern University, it represents the single largest gift by an alumnus of the university. The endowment establishes the Lawal Center for Global Trade at Texas Southern University’s Jesse H. Jones School of Business, providing scholarships for students in international business and programming to support both the academic and business communities.

The Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston, Houston, Texas

In 1992, CAMAC funded a $250,000 educational endowment at the University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering. This endowment provides for the training of African students in the engineering sciences at the University of Houston.

Allied School Bus Service, Johannesburg, South Africa

Since 2006, CAMAC’s South African affiliate, Allied School Bus Service (ASBS), has provided curb-to-curb transportation for school-age South African children.  With five schools in various districts of the Gauteng region, our eleven buses ferry over a thousand students daily from designated pickup and drop-off points that are up to 10 km away from school.

UNICEF’s Campaign Against AIDS

In May 2006, CAMAC pledged $500,000 to Hope Lives Here:  UNICEF’s Campaign Against AIDS.  UNICEF focuses on four aspects of HIV/AIDS: prevention, care, treatment and protection.  These extend from pregnancy through to infancy, adolescence and youth, and includes mothers as well as children.